Friday, September 14, 2012

Michigan Apple Harvest 2012

Our Opening Day 2012 Cider Mill Visit

Every year we look forward to visiting the local cider mills to enjoy a cup of fresh cider and hot sugar spice doughnuts! (Oh course, we like the apples too but we love having the cider and doughnuts on a picnic table over looking the orchard and pumpkin patch!)  Here you can find a lot of home made craft items, maple syrup, local honey, cherry juice, cider vinegars, canned relishes, caramel apples and at times, apple wine!  Opening weekend usually means long lines.  We pulled in and were pleased there did not appear to be any lines...

This year, we were in for a shock - NO APPLES!  I am sure everyone is aware of the awful drought suffered by the mid-west, the floods, and fires but the frost suffered here in Michigan has really come into perspective for me.  While we had a pretty mild winter, the heavy frost we suffered really hurt the apple and cherry farmers here in Michigan.
Bare Apple Tree!

It was really sad to see the trees with no apples.  The few apples they had were trucked in from the west side of the state where a farmer hired 6 helicopters to fly over the 30 acres of apples to keep the frost at bay.  Of course, this raised the price of a bushel of apples to $32.00!

While we still enjoyed a glass of cider and the wonderful hot sugar spiced doughnuts, it was sad to see the cider mill so empty and no apples on the trees.

I hope the pumpkin demand helps the orchard owners make it through this difficult year.  We will make the journey to support the orchard and enjoy the hot sugar spiced doughnuts and hopefully a glass of cider.  


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