Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Michigan Tradition...

We always look forward to the end of September because that is the start of apple season and the cider mills open.  We love to pick our apples, grab a gallon of cider or two, a dozen of the warm cinnamon sugar donuts and sit under a tree to relax, people watch and enjoy consuming these delicious fall time treats.

Most cider mills have pick-your-own apples, a viewing area of the apple cider making process and the doughnuts being made.

Some cider mills have U-pick apples and pumpkin patches, corn or hay mazes, live entertainment by local bands, crafters selling their wares, they sell local honey, jams, jellies and butters, and a few have petting zoos to lure folks to their mill.

We choose which cider mill to visit on the quality, processing method and taste of their cider.

 In recent times, we have began to notice more and more cider mills have begun to pasteurize their cider.  I think it may be due to laws that prohibit "Dropped" apples or apples that have fallen to the ground from being used in the making of fresh cider but may be used if the cider is pasteurized so a lot of mills have begun to pasteurize their cider. We prefer unpasteurized, natural pressed cider to cider that has been pasteurized.  We both think it tastes better.                                                                                                  
I think its healthier unprocessed. I like to make apple cider vinegar so when I don't have time to make my own from scratch, I buy an extra gallon and make my ACV from their cider. (This year will be one of those years!)

I'm not sure what other states enjoy this fall pastime but if you ever get a chance to visit a cider mill, you'll be hooked on fresh pressed apple cider and warm cinnamon sugar doughnuts - YUM!

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